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Koala & Flowers

This design features a gorgeous koala wearing a beautiful cluster of Native Australian flowers.

It is available in numerous products including: hat, t-shirt, stickers, phone case, notebook, hard cover journal and so much more. Visit Lori's shop for  more items.

Koala x 3.png

Kangaroo & Wattle

This design features a gorgeous kangaroo encircled by wattle. What is wattle? Wattle is a beautiful flowering acacia tree or shrub that displays bright yellow, flufffy, ball-shaped flowers. It is the native floral emblem of Australia.

This design is available on t-shirts, totes, water bottles, mug, notebooks & hard cover journal just to name a few products. 

Kangaroo x 3.png

Wild Wolf & Flowers

This design features a wild wolf with flowers & feathers. It is a Native American inspired wolf.

It looks amazing on a tote or cotton bag, t-shirt, water bottle, spiral notebook & so many more beautiful products.

Wold x 3.png


Be inspired to write down all those herbal remedies, tinctures and home-made teas in one place.

My Notebook for Herbal Remedies allows you to handwrite or paste notes for brews & recipes for alternate medicine. Only available in spiral notebook or hardcover journal.

Herbal remedies.png

Koala & Flowers

Your friends will look twice at this querky design featuring the Yowie & the Rose. What is a Yowie? A Yowie is an Australian Aboriginal word for a Bigfoot-like animal. This Yowie is pictured with a rose in his mouth, obviously a romantic soul. This product is available in t-shirts, hats, coffee cups, notebooks, journals, phone cases, stickers & more.

Yowie x 3.png

1960's Woman

This design is inspired by 1960's art. 

This design looks amazing on everything but especially on notebooks, phone cases, laptop sleeves, mugs, totes, spiral notebooks & so much more.

1960s woman.png


Love ramen? Then this t-shirt is for you! Featuring Cori the ramen slurping cat. Ramen = Life! 

This is a Japanese inspired design made for those obsessed with this delicious meal & Japanese culture. One for the nerds! We love nerds. 

Ramen x 3.png
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